My Paintings


The following paintings are serial in nature.  Like musical compositions I often think of them as suites, similar subject/theme but each a unique expression.  The mutli-medium paintings are a mutli-layering of three mediums (Inkodye, acrylic paint and color pencil on untreated cotton.  The cotton is wrapped around a thin wood panel prior to being painted.  “Three Lemons” is an homage to Prokofiev. “Orthogonality” speaks to the mathematical  formula for choice.  “Pythagoras I” is one from a series of three.  “Gateway tO the Divine” is a series based in the number 7 and the painting of the series with music created by me can be viewed as an ipod movie.  The subject matter of the work is about the seven different ways in which people seek to find their divine nature.  These are my most recent paintings on cotton. 

Most recent works on canvas.