My Paintings III


I began painting in early 1960.  My loft studio was located in the Soho area of New York.  I began experimenting with  transparent liquid pigments on untreated cotton and linen applying them in upwards of 60-70 layers in each painting.  It occur to me that this process was very much like the process of physical, emotional and spiritual development towards individuation.  Thus each layer is a “reality” of that moment and in the building of the painting the final work (under controlled light) allows the viewer to see the underlying images used to build the final appearance.  The samples shown are only a few from the ongoing series. Nos. 17-23 were paintings in Winston-Salem, NC where I had a studio for a time, the most recent ones have been completed in Atlanta/Shellman, GA where I now have my studios.   I am also commissioned to do large murals and other decorative paintings using the same technique.

Separate Reality Series