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Ray Pierotti, artist/composer


“There is a geometry of art as there is a geometry of life, and as the Greeks guessed, they happen to be the same”

Matila Ghyka

Born in Bountiful, Utah, broadly traveled throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East, Ray Pierotti’s academic studies were art-centric with an emphasis on classical Western music, dance and poetry. Subsequent Informal studies have been in the symbiotic resonances between color, sound and shape.

Firmly rooted in the material world of wave and particle physics and spiritually inclined towards mysticism, Eastern and Western philosophies are continually referenced in  his personal  visual language. “I am drawn to the ephemeral  nature of light.  The source of  both the external and internalized appearances of color in materialized space. Scenes remembered and scenes imagined commingle like the smells, the tastes and the textures of memorable lives.”  Academically, in the discipline of painting, he would be labeled “self taught”.  He recognizes that his tutors have been the thousands of museums, cathedrals, artistic performances, world class libraries and personal acquaintances encountered  over the years in  his  world travels.  

Not comfortable with stylistic labels - though he has developed a recognizable visual language, his emphasis is on multi-layered transparency.  An important muse is the Chinese poet, Loatzu who wrote “...whether a man dispassionately sees to the core of life or passionately sees the surface, the core and the surface are essentially the same, words making them seem different only to express appearance…

Pierotti believes that in contemporary society, we have relegated the Arts to the role of surface embellishment when in reality its place should be  central to our intellectual, emotional and spiritual development and integrated into our learning process. Science has distorted our perception into either/ors. Art’s purpose is to bypass the scientific mind which is limited to the finite and is usually described in localisms.  The Arts take us to the heart’s intelligence where perceptions are infinite, beyond either/ors, towards unification.

His paintings are formed thru a multi-layering process of several mediums on untreated natural surfaces, and not unlike the musical instruments on which the musician sounds the performance, the underlying presence of inherent characteristics of both the material and the maker are inseparable from the whole. The process mirrors one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual individuation.

Over 800 original paintings and drawings in corporate, private and public collections

throughout the Americas, Europe and the Far East.

The Way of Life


192” x 86”

mixed on untreated cotton - por